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Phi, Fibonacci & Your Design

Phi, also known as the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci spiral, is the silent irrational constant, featuring everywhere around us, in nature and design, and playing an important role in achieving a perfect aesthetic balance.


Often you'll notice a building, a window, a door, a car, or an object, or artwork grabs your attention more than another... You can't put your finger on exactly what's attracting you to it... That's the magic of the Golden Ratio 1:618 at work.

Da Vinci, Aston Martin, Coca Cola, Crittall Windows, and almost every artist, designer, marketeer and producer pay special attention to incorporating the Golden Number into their designs... It's the sorcery that appeals to your subconscious mind's eye.


Phi is abundantly seen and experienced throughout the natural world, from the Fibonacci spirals of your favourite flower, through to some of the most appreciated music of the classic and modern worlds.

You are already observing and hearing Phi everyday.

Phi lurks quietly, in plain view, all around us. 

In kitchen design Phi sometimes plays a part in the sizing of doors and cabinets, but more often it's the subtle inclusion in the passing spaces and Island shapes and sizes that makes all the difference. 

There are often unique & unusual details that need to be considered in your design. Sometimes, Phi might be one of those. We'll keep an eye on it.