The "Rule of Odds"

"Two's company, Three's a crowd"... But not when it comes to Pendant Lighting !

The Rule of Odds is a design concept that proposes an odd number of subjects will be more attractive to the observer, than an even number. 

For example the placement of three pendant lights, above a set of Island cabinetry.

The odd number of pendants allows the space around the lights, to frame each pendant. Whereas, if a pair or even number of lights were used instead, they would compete and divide the space.

The harmony and balance is fulfilled by the spaces, rather than the subjects.

The symmetry is created by the balanced spaces that frame the objects.

Focus will be directed towards the central subject.

In Kitchen and Furniture Design best practice is three or five pendants, as beyond that the number it will be too dense, and the framing space will be lost.

So, in this case, for Pendant Lighting to look its very best - it's good to go a little "Odd"